Apple has recently announced a new version of the desktop operating system. It is the 12th
a version of macOS to bring many new features and upgrade to the current version. This new
version is known as “macOS Monterey.”

The name macOS Monterey is inspired by California terrain, and this new version has many
unique and innovative things inside the box. Users will find new experiences using this
operating system and make it easy to form a new connection. So, if you too are excited, let’s
have a look at what macOS Monterey has introduced to the world.

Features of macOS Monterey

FaceTime and SharePlay

macOS monterey facetime and shareplay
  • The Facetime Spatial audio gives the feel that the people’s voice is coming from the direction of the screen.
  • It allows watching movies and TV shows together during FaceTime.
  • Music is shared with friends during the FaceTime call.
  • There would be no interruption during the call because it has voice isolation mode.
  • The grid view allows seeing each participant in the same tile size.
  • The broad-spectrum mode makes every sound clear during the call to have a smooth conversation, especially while taking online music classes.
  • Conversation can be more interesting as apps can be shared on the call.
  • It is possible to sync the playback on every person who is on the FaceTime call.
  • The smart volume control allows you to hear the conversation even with the chorus.
  • Get connected with non-iPhone users through FaceTime just by sharing the link.
  • The macOS Monterey makes it easy to form connections and has calendar integration to schedule calls with friends and family.

Safari in macOS Monterey

macOS monterey safari
  • Safari is updated with the “More” menu in the active tab. It has features like privacy, translation, sharing, and reader.
  • The updated OS version also got the redesigned tab bar in safari that easily blends with the background. It also gives more space to the webpage to have a comprehensive view.
  • Safari also has got the sidebar redesigned and have made it easy to manage bookmarks, tab groups, reading list, and links.
  • The integrated smart search field has made it easy to look out for new content with ease.
  • It is impossible to track the profile through IP address as macOS Monterey has introduced Intelligent Tracking prevention.
  • The option of tab group makes it eyas to organize your group and allows you to sync it with the device. So, you can access your tabs at any time and any place.
  • Safari automatically updated the insecure HTTP to HTTPS for add-on security.


macOS monterey messages
  • The “Shared with you” feature of macOS Monterey puts the received message in the relevant app on the device. Music received will be in Apple Music, while any website link will appear in Safari.
  • The option to pin the content in the message makes it easy to check it later.
  • The new changes also include a “save” button that saves the picture received during the message conversation.
  • If you send multiple images to someone, it will appear as an image collage of the photos or image stack that can be flipped.
  • The Shared with you content is stored in the relevant app, and it also has a link back that will redirect to messages for further conversation with the sender.


macOS monterey photos
  • Memories feature is updated with new animations and thus make your photos look attractive.
  • Many new colours option and transition styles are included in macOS Monterey with easy integration of song with Apple music.
  • New memories options are included like child-focused memories, trends over time, international holidays, pet memories, and many more.
  • The interactive interface allows to pause, play or skip to the next photo while the music adjusts the transaction. It means you can make real-time changes and thus save time.
  • Both original and edited photos can be imported from another photo’s library with the new OS.
  • The photos shared with you through messages appear in the sidebar. Thus, it gives the idea of who has sent you images.
  • The featureless helps to know about your liking and thus shows photos based on your choice.


  • Notifications also got a new look, and now it has larger icons of people and contact images of the people.
  • It also gives mute suggestions if you are not so active on the thread to make it easy.
  • The processing is also changed, and now notifications marked as time-sensitive are sent immediately to avoid any fraud or adverse condition.

Notes / Quick Note

macOS monterey notes
  • The enhances quick Note makes it easy to note down a summary with ease. Placing the cursor at the right bottom brings a note icon pop up.
  • Tags can be added to the notes and thus make it easy to organize them.
  • The smart folders are created based on the tags and thus make the management becomes easy.
  • The collaborative feature of the Notes allows to add Mentions and check what has happed in the Note through the Activity view.
  • It is possible to add links, photos, photos to quick notes, and so there is a section in the Notes app to retrieve quick notes.


macOS monterey focus
  • The enhanced version of Do Not Disturb is the Focus that allows one to concentrate on the current task while blocking all the other distractions in the device.
  • There is also an option to customize focus modes that allow selecting the app and people to contact you at a particular time.
  • If the Focus mode is ON and someone tries to send a message, it will notify them that you are in silence mode. There is an option to set the A standard auto-reply while focusing.
  • The Focus on one device will make it work on all other devices also.
  • The “Allowed Interruption” means all the important notifications will be sent even if working in Focus mode.

Universal Control

macOS monterey universal control
  • The new OS update allows Mouse, keyboard, and even trackpad to work as a universal controller. It means using Mouse from iPad to Mac changes the cursor from a round dot to an arrow.
  • Universal control does not require any additional setup, and just plugging from one device to another can make it work. Moreover, it is possible to set these controls in system preference to work continuously.
  • It is possible to drag content from one Apple device and drop it to other using the universal control.


macOS monterey maps
  • The 3D globe in macOS Monterey gives enhanced information on mountains, deserts, oceans, and even forests.
  • It gives detailed information for major cities that includes roads, buildings, landmarks, elevations, and much more. It is specifically for Los Angeles, New York, London, and San Francisco.
  • The Nearby transit feature gives one-click access regarding times, nearby stations to the riders, and pin the most used route.
  • The improved search with macOS Monterey allows filtering the place based on the requirement. Finding a restaurant can be filtered with the cuisine.
  • It also includes the new driving feature that helps to give traffic information, incidents that might even affect you while driving.
  • Drivers can get detailed road information like turn manes, crosswalks, bus lanes, and many others to make driving easy.
  • The editorial curated guides with macOS Monterey will make it eyes to explore the new places.
  • The place cards are also redesigned with this new version, and thus it becomes easy to find map locations to interact for business.

Shortcuts App

macOS monterey shortcut app
  • The shortcuts app option is now available for macOS Monterey to access all your favorite stuff with ease.
  • These shortcuts are accessible through Finder, menu bar, spotlight, and even through Siri.
  • Shortcuts created with macOS Monterey are universal and so can be used even on iPhone devices.
  • The new mac version also introduced a smart shortcut editor to suggest while building your shortcut.
  • The prebuilt shortcuts are available in the gallery, and they can be customized to give it a personalized look.
  • One using the Automator app can convert all the workflow in shortcuts to manage with ease.


Airplay android4dev
  • Airplay is used to share videos, keynotes, and even music to Mac from other apple devices like iPad, iPhone, or even other Mac.
  • The new OS version also allows extending the Apple’s device display which means you can display iPhone or iPad to Mac.
  • If you don’t have Wi-Fi, it is possible to used Airplay using a wired connection. Also, it can be used in wireless mode, depending on your requirements.
  • Airplay can make your MAC works as a speaker as it allows podcasts from another device.

Privacy in macOS Monterey

privacy android4dev
  • The mail protection privacy hides your IP address so that no email senders would know about your online activity. Moreover, the sender will not know when you opened up the mail, and thus, everything is confidential.
  • The recording indicator helps you to be safe from any embarrassing situation. It means if there is an app that has access to a microphone, there is an indicator to let you know about it.
  • People who are opting for iCloud+, which is a paid version, can get additional privacy. iCloud Private Relay is a part of it that encrypts the Safari browsing to maintain protection. It also routes the device in two different internet relays to keep browsing activity and IP address protected.
  • There are password improvements with macOS Monterey, which means there are two-factor verification codes in the Mac.
  • If you do not want to use your original email address while signing up for the newsletter, macOS Monterey and iCloud+ have the option to “Hide My Email.” It helps to generate random email addresses and also can be accessed in Safari.

Live Text in macOS Monterey

live text android4dev
  • The interactive Live Text works with photos, screenshots, quick look, and even Safari. So, it allows you to copy and paste the text from the images without using any other app.
  • The all-text detection feature of the macOS Monterey allows getting addresses, numbers, and even URLs. Even the handwritten text can be detected, and based on its actions; it can be taken.

Is macOS Monterey compatible with all Macs?

macOS Monterey is compatible with most of the Macs but not all. Macs that were primarily
compatible with macOS Big Sur are working with the new version. Below is the list of Macs
compatible with the latest macOS Monterey:

Macs Year
iMac Macs of late 2015 and later
MacBook Macs of late 2015 and later
iMac Pro 2017 and later
Mac Mini Last models of 2014 and later
MacBook Air 2015 and later
Mac Pro End of 2013 and later
MacBook Pro 2015 and later
macOS Monterey compatible

FAQs for macOS Monterey

When is macOS Monterey available for the public?

Currently, macOS Monterey was released as a beta version for developers enrolled with the
special Apple developer program. It will help to find bugs and correct them before
introducing them in public. But based on news, the public beta version would be released in
July 2021.

Is macOS Monterey a significant update in Apple operating system?

No, macOS Monterey is a minor update but has many new features and changes that give a
unique user experience. The latest update has allowed universal control, the latest visual
look, easy to enjoy music with friends, and much more.


In all the new releases, macOS Monterey has brought many things for apple users.
Currently, the beta version is made for developers, but soon it will be released to have a
new working experience with updated features.

You can check more about macOS Monterey here