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About Me

Owner of

Lead Software Engineer with 5 plus years of experience in Software Development especially in Mobile applications. Have experience in Designing software architecture for a product. I have a good handle on

React Native | Kotlin | Java | Android | Redux

# Experience

• Depth knowledge in MVVM, MVC, and Android Architecture Component.
• Depth knowledge of RxJava, RxAndroid, and Android Jetpack.
• Worked with Dependency Injunction like Dagger2 and Koin.
• Integrated, WebRtc for Video Calling, and Chatting module.
• Have 4 years of experience with Version Control System like Git, Bitbucket, Gitlab, and SVN.
• Extensively worked on Android Components such as Activity, Services, Broadcast, and Content Provider.
• Experience in Bluetooth, Location, or other peripheral devices communication.
• Have good hands-on managing Images in the Android app using Picasso, Fresco, Universal Image Loader and Glide.
• Experience developing and integrating web services(like transforming Network Data using libraries Volley, Retrofit, OkHttp that makes Network calling for Android apps easier and faster) XML parsing, JSON Parsing.
• Dept knowledge in Realm, Sqlite, Room databases for managing mobile app offline or in low internet connectivity.
• Integrated various libraries like, Google Authentication, Facebook Auth, Google maps, Google Speech recognition, Fabric Crash Analytics, Linkedin Auth, Twitter SDK, Admob, Facebook ads, and many more.
• Expertise in OOPs (Object Oriented Programming Concepts).